by jade: posted 03/13/24

i wanna eat some chocolate eggs on easter

by jade: posted 12/27/23

ive been listening to lots of kirby music recently..... idk why!!!!!!! kirby is so cute :3

by jade: posted 12/27/23

i wanna watch a tv show but idk which one. i finished watching paranoia agent again a couple of days ago it was rlly gud still :o

by jade: posted 12/27/23

it looks like the christmas theming is gone...... goodbye christmas ;-;

maybe there will be sum fireworks for new years......

by jade: posted 12/08/23

new christmas theming!! christmas graphics are courtesy of mommy9876 and ratmanworld. the snow effect was created by kurt grigg and the countdown code is from w3schools!

by jade: posted 12/06/23

its december!!!!!!!! christmas is right around the corner i need to decorate silly brigade headquarters and also write my christmas list........ maybe i will even give the site a christmas themed makeover :o

by jade: posted 11/28/23

im officially on school break!!! :D

heres a short blog where i discover something O_O

by jade: posted 11/26/23

recently i havent been able to update this site at all bc ive been busy with school.... :( but i have good news im on break in 2 days!!!! once im on break im gonna write soo much blogs!

also remember how in the last post i talked abt my chao? well here they r..... meet bestie, oomfie, and osaka!!!

by jade: posted 11/10/23

i beat sonic adventure dx a few weeks ago but only today am i exploring the chao garden. i have 2 chaos named bestie and oomfie. i will take pics soon!!!!

omg i just realized its been a little over a month since this site was made :O

by jade: posted 11/02/23

theres 8 leprechaun in the hood movies.....

by jade: posted 11/01/23

its november!!!! i was hoping to get access to something rlly cool for the next blog but ig it didnt end up happening so theres gonna be a change in plans..... but i did add a new section next to this one which has some of my friends websites pls check them out!!

by jade: posted 10/22/23

today i cleaned my room, went for a walk, and joined a vc on discord :D also i made a new blog post check it out!!!

by jade: posted 10/19/23

sum art just hit the stuff page (  |  |     ) <---- dango

by jade: posted 10/19/23

im a pretty efficient data saver....... im only using 0.0% of my storage. thats nothing!! :3c

by jade: posted 10/19/23

AN UPDATE ON FINDING A CLEFAIRY: so apprently u can find a clefairy at mt moon according to this video the encounter rate is 6% so i should be able to find it after a while of walking around in the caves.......

the problem is im in celedon city rn....... so i cant get back to mt moon for a while :( but when i do i am soooo catching a clefairy!!!!!!!! also there should be a new blog this week!!!

by jade: posted 10/11/23

new logo and site title! ill probably keep changing things until im happy with it also i thought there was a bug with the site shifting left a little bit on some pages but it was just bc my scrollbar had appeared XD

by jade: posted 10/09/23

ive added a little news/updates section here as well as a logo to herald the site!!! i havent decided on a name yet so i just wrote the first thing that came to mind LOL i will also probably add some js/html dom so that all the annoying repetitive stuff is done automatically

its pretty messy now but hopefully it will improve XD